Toys & Novelties

Toys & Novelties

Toys & Novelty
colour Slinky

Toys & Novelties “Great for Children’s Events, Fetes & Festivals, Point redemption programs, Charities & Organisations, Councils, Education & Healthcare” as shown above

Toys & Novelty
Colour Ducks

The original PVC bath duck with squeaker. Uses for them include: Hotels buy them with the name of the hotel and leave in bathrooms, then the guests can take home to their children.

Toys & novelty
Yo-Yo in colour

“Great for Children’s Events, equally together with Fetes & Festivals, Cafes & Restaurants, Charities & Organisations, Councils & Education”

Toys & Novelty
corporate koala with logo singlet

280mmH Grey and White sitting koala with black eyes and nose and optional printed velcro polyester T-Shirt available in blue, red, black or shown above.

Toys & Novelties
Supporters Banners

Custom Fan Flagz

#LN4223 (INDENT)

“Great for Sponsorship, Sporting Events, Advertising & Media, Automotive, Charities & Organisations & Tourism”

Show your support for your favourite team here, or just have your say, as shown above.